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V-Series RTK

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Live Tutorial

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Vpass Generated

Learn how to perform the test, detect and share results. Results can also be viewed directly on the test kit without the mobile application.


Negative results for first 24 hours

Safe to carry out close proximity activities while complying to SOPs set by DHSC.


Negative results after 24 hours

Safe for activities in ventilated areas while complying to SOPs set by the DHSC.


Has symptoms but test negative

Advised to stay home. Retake test to confirm health status again the following day.


Tested Positive for COVID-19

Stay home if symptoms are minor. Seek medical attention if conditions worsen.


Results are invalid or unknown

Status has expired after 48 hours. Retest to find out about your health status.

Protect, track and oversee your employees’ Covid status with Vpass

Vpass enables you to make timely, informed decisions and avoid costly disruptions with a quick, accurate, and easy-to-use system.

Unique user ID for each test kit to avoid fraud.

Automate employees’ health management and test results.

Track & trace employees Vpass Validity.

Grouping features for departments, divisions or work shifts.

Trigger potential threat notification via email.

Privacy & data security assured for all the employees.

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