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The simplest way to visualise data

Nexent Business

Nexent Business is analytics made easy for everyone with a template based business intelligence dashboard which only requires the client to input data to generate visualisations. No building, no coding required.


Templated approach

  We have removed the need for time consuming data cleansing and complicated analytics building. Through our templated approach, just input data into a simple spreadsheet and visualisations will be populated, making it the most user friendly data visualisation tool for all levels of technical expertise.

Ease of access

  In the modern day business world, decision making and data monitoring needs to happen wherever you are. Using our web link access approach, users will be able to view their dashboards anytime and anywhere, ensuring that your organisation’s data is always visible to you to execute business strategy and intelligent decision making.

Unlimited observers

  Our web link access approach allows for unlimited data observers, allowing you to share dashboards across your organisation without requiring any additional licenses to ensure that everyone in your organisation can look and talk about the same data.

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No new software. No building. Simply input and visualise

Easy spreadsheet data input

No time consuming data cleansing

No new software installation

Unlimited data observers

Quick one-off set up

Minimal employee training

No building of visualisations

No specialised technical teams


Always report ready

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